I’m dragging my ass today!

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Not sure if it is the heat but I just feel so lethargic! I actually found myself thinking “I could ditch the gym tonight and do Tue, Thur & Fri instead but I gave myself a shake and snapped out of it. I have planned a high carb day in preparation for my training so I’m going to go and give it my all. Since I’m on a split routine, my chest & arms workout only takes half an hour. Half an hour and it will be over and done with and I can come home, shower, eat dinner, do my ironing and chill out before bed.

I am loving the nice weather, Winter is my favourite of all the seasons but I really love it when the summer time rolls around, it really is a mood lifter. The fact that I’m not going to spend the summer huge as I have done in previous years is such a great feeling. Just going out in a nice halter top with my jeans today has been nice – I’ve not felt at all self concious and even got a toot off someone as they drove past me earlier lol!

We were invited to the MIL’s for lunch and it was very nice. We had roast pork with lots of veggies and just a tiny scoop of mashed potato. I was offered warm apple pie straight from the oven for dessert but politely declined, even though it smelled delicious.

I did more quark experimentation this afternoon – half a tub, mixed with a mashed banana and a scoop of vanilla whey – REALLY lovely. Tasted like some naughty dessert :)

Food for today:

B: Porridge made with coconut, scoop chocolate whey & skimmed milk
S: 100g fresh pineapple, babybel light
L: 150g roast pork, mashed potato, broccoli, green beans & carrots with small stuffing ball
S: 125g quark mixed with mashed banana & scoop vanilla whey
S: Nakd Bar, Protein shake (post workout)
D: 200g jumbo king prawns, 40g quinoa, chopped peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumber & spring onions with splash of balsamic vinegar

Drinks: 4.4L water (so far), 3 cups of tea

Cals: 1900
Protein: 191g (41.1%)
Carbs: (177g) 35.6%
Fat: 48g (23.3%)
F&V: 6

Exercise: Weights – Chest & Arms

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