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There is never a right or wrong time to set personal goals. Unfortunately, most people choose the start of the year to set new goals/resolutions and often aim too high. By the time January is out, the goals are long forgotten.

I set myself several goals last year, mostly fitness related but a couple personal. For more reasons than I care to go into, I didn’t manage to hit those goals. Am I disappointed? Yes! Does it put me off goal setting? No!

However, rather than a long huge list, I have one simple goal that I hope to achieve this year…


2012 was a very up and down year for me, taking two steps forward and one step backwards.  Consistency is what let me down.

I’d spend two months eating well, training hard and loving life.  Then at the drop of a hat, I’d eat foods that I know make me ill (yes gluten grains, I’m talking to you!!), take time off the gym to feel better, have to ease back into training which meant dropping weights,  work back up to where I was only to do it all again a couple of months later.

This is one big reason I didn’t meet my fitness goals of this year and I know, had I been consistent with my training, I’d be sitting on a 150kg deadlift right now.

So, no goals other than consistency in my diet and training.

And to put my plan into order, I had my first training session of 2013 today. Sadly I was training alone as my workout partner and gorgeous boyfriend has a back injury preventing him from training at the moment. Not to be deterred, I was up early, knocked back my pre-workout green tea and cup of espresso and headed for the gym.

Though I lowered my weights from my last session, I probably should have lowered them more than I did – the DOMS kicked in within an hour of getting back from the gym – yikes!

Today’s session was as follows:

20 minute walk to gym
10 minutes foam rolling – quads, piriformis, calves
Various mobility drills for the lower half
Shoulder dislocations
Third world squat stretch x5 minutes

Overhead Squats

20kg x5
20kg x5

Back Squats

20kg x5
30kg x5
40kg x8
40kg x8


60kg x5
80kg x3
90kg x5
85kg x5

Leg Press

120kg x8
120kg x8

Lying Leg Curl

30kg x8
30kg x8

Standing Calf Raise

130kg x8
130kg x8

Seated Calf Raise

35kg x8
35kg x8

Looking at this workout makes me sad at the backwards progression I’ve made due to my lack of consistency. A few months ago I was pulling 120kg x5 deadlifts :(  I was also squatting considerably more.  But, I am the only person that can correct this and I’m certain I’ll be back to where I was in the coming months.

Do you set goals/resolutions? If so, what are they?

9 responses to “Goals?”

  1. Jess says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself Jo. That’s a good session there!

    I’m making monthly goals in terms of my lifting and quarterly goals for things like chin ups (still trying to do one unassisted but I’ll get there). So glad you’re back in the gym and blogging – you give me loads of inspiration! :)

    Jess xx

  2. Hayley L says:

    Great post! Love your workouts – no fuss but bloody effective! x

  3. Karen says:

    You still have that glow honey, I’ve followed your blog for the past few years I know you had some challenges and heartbreak in 2012 but handled it with integrity, kindness and grace. You’re an inspiration thank for helping me to get through a tough year. You taught me that I can be anything I choose and I wish you every success and happiness in 2013 you deserve it.

  4. Joakim Valsinger says:

    Consistency is so the key!

    You have just inspired me to get out there and start my day with the run I’d planned, but was not looking forward to because of the cold rain on the window pane. Thank you!

  5. Ferdie says:

    Above is a great motivational tool for sure, but what I find very helpful is to let the nature work a bit more. I drink puerh tea after every big meal, as I’ve found out it eliminates unwanted and leftover, hard-to-digest fats. My favourite is Pu-erh 1st Grade, or Pu-erh Mini Tuo Cha cakes. Give it go, it helped me and few other friends.

  6. Jamie Gibbs says:

    My 2 main goals this year is the do the 3 peaks challenge in June, and then the Movember Cardiff 10K run in november. I put on half of what I lost in 2012 over Christmas, so I’ve got a hell of a lot of work ahead of me!


  7. Eleanor says:

    That sounds a great workout to me! I know what you mean about being consistent but don’t be hard on yourself :-)

  8. Vicky says:

    That is a very good workout! I think foam rollers are the way forward and should be used more just previous to training session. I will follow your blog now :)

  9. Gerald Smith says:

    I have one main goal for this year and that is to complete a sprint distance triathlon. I find that setting goals work for me as I have a competitive mind set. As long as you are having fun with your goals its good.

    Great work on the dead lifts as well. I know a lot of guys that don’t lift those type of weights :) Your goals are ambitious, and I would say to date your results have been impressive. Your change of mindset is the right attitude and you will get there.

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