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Training is going amazingly well at the moment! I’m seeing lots of rep PRs on, well, everything! Deadlifts, front squats, bench press and even my military press, which is my absolute weakest lift. I’m so happy I started on 5/3/1!

I have a feeling I’ll be seeing some new 1RMs this year so watch this space!

It was my mum’s birthday Friday last week, so we went up for the weekend to celebrate with her. We had a fab time and it included an amazing meal out, where I devoured this bad boy…

20oz t-bone

Definite foodgasms!

I hit a new rep PR on my deadlifts tonight – 107kg x8! I can’t wait for next session when I’ll be pulling 113kg :-D

I’m keeping this post brief as I’m flagging and need to make food, but I’ll leave you with a little collage I made, documenting my progress. Sometimes you have to look backward just to see how far you’ve come :)

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  1. Eric Astrauskas says:

    Amazing progress, congrats! It is pretty amazing how much fat you have lost and how much strength you have gained (some pretty heavy lifts you are doing lately). I have my own fat loss story so I have been in your shoes. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jason says:

    Gongrats on your weight loss it takes a lot of hard work dedication and will power to lose a good amount of weight so hats of to you.

  3. alfredo says:

    You look amazing and to be honest very sexy too!!.
    Congratulations it takes hard work , dedication and a strong mentality to get such great results….also I have some workout plans that you may be interested ….keep it up and good job!!

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